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Kaspersky Managed Detection & Response


Kaspersky Managed Detection & Response

Kaspersky Managed Detection & Response (MDR) has the same features as Kaspersky EDR but adds fully managed and customised 24-hour protection. IT administrators are relieved of the burden by moving incident-related processing tasks to Kaspersky. This eliminates the need to invest in additional staff or expertise.

Continuous protection against the most innovative threats

Reduce security costs without hiring additional staff

IT administrators will have time for their 'own' important tasks

The benefits of a Security Operations Centre without actually owning one


Detecting and responding to sophisticated attacks requires specific expertise, although in-house training or hiring additional experts does not always fit into cybersecurity budgets. The absence of these resources, however, can lead to a delayed response to cyber threats. With all its consequences...

Kaspersky Managed Detection and Response (MDR) offers 24-hour protection for companies with limited internal cybersecurity resources. This solution does not require special expertise from internal security teams to detect and analyse threats.

Most security teams only respond to threats after they have been alerted, when an incident has already occurred. In the meantime, new threats are given the chance to move under the radar or hide in the IT infrastructure.

How does Kaspersky MDR work?

Proactive Threat Hunting

Kaspersky MDR incorporates detection technologies and extensive expertise in detecting complex threats and responding to incidents. A combination of Kaspersky’s technology and expertise is used to proactively hunt for threats that are undiscovered but still active within the IT infrastructure.

Automatic alerts and response

Kaspersky MDR monitors product alerts to ensure the effectiveness of automatic prevention and proactively analyses metadata from system activity for signs of active or impending attacks. This metadata is collected in the Kaspersky Security Network and is automatically compared in real-time with Kaspersky's threat intelligence to identify tactics, techniques and procedures used by cybercriminals. Automatic detection based on proprietary Indicators of Attack (IoA) also detects non-malware threats that mimic legitimate activities. This detection are made on real-time and historical telemetry, and are used by Kaspersky’s analysts to further identify, validate, and investigate threats. IT administrators can monitor the real-time status of all threats in the cloud agent and respond automatically.

By adding Managed Detection and Response to a Kaspersky enpoint security solution, you maximise the value of the security solution by delivering a fully managed, customised and continuous detection, investigation and response service. Enjoy the benefits of having your own Security Operation Centre without actually having to set one up.

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