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Iolo Technologies

Iolo Technologies

Iolo System Mechanic was established years ago with the aim of maintaining and repairing Windows computers. Years later, that mission can be deemed successful, given the many companies and consumers worldwide use the software. The Iolo solution performs well and continuously looks for optimization options in the background.


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Iolo Technologies Software

Iolo has been the best-selling software for repairing and optimizing Windows computers for years. Thanks to Iolo's software, every user, both business users and consumers, can get their PC in top condition very conveniently and keep it there. One click is enough to correct problems, clean systems, increase speed, close security leaks and improve PC performance permanently.

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Iolo System Mechanic

Iolo System Mechanic

The Iolo System Mechanic software solution speeds up, repairs, cleanses, and protects the Windows PC system. The handy wizard detects and fixes hundreds of potentially critical system problems, allowing the user to continue to use the PC without risk. The Iolo System Mechanic software also increases the protection of the PC's defense mechanisms, allowing it to continue to perform optimally.

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