How does it work?

We offer a single platform for software distribution of ESDs, software licenses and monthly
services. Our partners are IT/Telecom Resellers, MSPs, web stores and retailers of all sizes.

What you buy is delivered directly within the platform. Our range is divided into three product groups. The complete range is also available in API.


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The software world is in a state of continual rapid change. Clients are unwilling to wait for delivery of software and cloud and hybrid solutions have arrived, which are constantly being adapted. Developments continually come and go. Moreover, there is plenty of competition: Major software producers are cashing in with their direct models, but big telecom companies expanding their services also pose a direct threat to the reseller's business.
DSD is therefore offering concrete solutions for software resellers. We protect our distribution channel and are continuously working on developments to enable ever more new solutions. Thanks to our unique DSD Platform, we supply most forms of software under one roof.



The DSD Europe platform is a Dutch invention, developed in the Netherlands. This is something we are proud of, as innovation is one of our core values. Day after day, our own development team works hard at finding solutions for improving the use of the DSD Platform in both front and back office operations. The big advantage of working with in-house personnel is agility, enabling us to immediately solve any problems. An additional benefit is that new opportunities with suppliers are quickly acted upon and our range continues to expand rapidly.