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Kaspersky CBA offers you, as well as your customers, a unique renewal service! You share a one-time license key for installation and activation with your customers. This same license key can be renewed annually for a new period, at a fixed license price. This way, after the first activation, your customers never have to activate a new license key to renew software again!

The advantage for resellers is that Kaspersky does no direct marketing for CBA licenses, so customers only receive a renewal request from the reseller. In addition, CBA licenses cannot be renewed with an ESD license or with any other resellers. Therefore the customer always returns to the reseller where the CBA license was purchased, so with Kaspersky CBA, you are guaranteed a higher renewal rate!

The difference between Kaspersky ESD & Kaspersky CBA

Unlike an ESD license for 1, 2 or 3 years, the duration with Kaspersky CBA licenses is unlimited. With Kaspersky CBA, licenses are renewed annually with just one press of a button, without your customer having to enter a new license key every year. A Kaspersky CBA license has a fixed license price and can only be renewed at the reseller where the license was purchased. In addition, your customer does not receive promotional notifications from Kaspersky to renew. You are the only one who renews your customer's license, which also means you keep your customer long term.

The benefits of Kaspersky CBA for you as a reseller:

Save time by entering a license key only once

Kaspersky CBA allows you to provide your customers with a Kaspersky software license indefinitely by offering it with an easy and beneficial renewal module.

Your customer will receive an email notification on your behalf when the licence is about to expire and can indicate their wish to renew via that route. All you have to do is look up your customer's licence and click the renewal button in the DSD platform. Of course, you still need to invoice your customer, but the rest goes automatically! This leaves more time to provide excellent service to your customers.

Pay one fixed license fee each year

Kaspersky CBA licenses are renewed annually at a fixed price. So you pay the same economical license price every year, keeping your margin stable.

No competition with competitors - license key renewable only with you

When your customer has purchased a CBA license from you, your customer can automatically renew the license key only with you. The unique license key cannot be renewed with a regular key either. The current CBA license must be cancelled, and a new ESD license must be installed to use a standard license key. This costs the customer a lot of effort and time for only a slight price difference.

No competition with Kaspersky

When your customer uses an ESD license, they receive a renewal request from Kaspersky in the software, so there is a chance that you will lose your customer. With Kaspersky CBA, Kaspersky does not send a renewal request, so you are the only one offering your customer a renewal.

Retain your customers through a simple renewal process

After purchasing the CBA license, your customer will receive a renewal request from you alone when the license expires. All they have to do is click the "I want to renew" button. You arrange the renewal with one click in the DSD platform, share the invoice, and your customer can use the software for another period for a fixed license price. With this efficient renewal process and the fixed price you offer them every year, your customers will remain your customers.

Higher turnover and lower costs

With Kaspersky CBA, the customer is much more likely to renew with you because the license key can only be renewed with you. The number of yearly returning customers becomes stable, thus increasing your revenue. In addition, with Kaspersky CBA, you have virtually no costs for product delivery and renewal, as this is fully automatic.

The benefits of Kaspersky CBA for your end customer:

One-time installation and activation

Your customer installs the Kaspersky CBA software once and activates the license key; after this, your customer never has to look back. To renew the software, all your customers have to do is accept your request by clicking the "I want to renew" button. You arrange the renewal with one click in the platform, and the customer pays and can immediately use the software again. So the customer does not need to perform any actions with the software to renew.

Pay one fixed license fee each year

Your customer pays the same fixed license price every year. This way, your customer won't face any surprises and won't have to shop elsewhere for the lowest price because your offer is always the most affordable in the long run.

More profitable renewals

In the long run, your customer will be better off due to the fixed price they pay annually. Please refer to a calculation example below that shows the difference between ESD and CBA licences when your client renews them two years in a row.

Continuously protected against malware

With the subscription license, your customer's business devices and data are continuously protected by Kaspersky software.

What can you use Kaspersky CBA for?

Kaspersky consumer solutions available as CBA licences are Kaspersky Standard, Plus, en Premium.

The difference between Kaspersky ESD & Kaspersky CBA

We show the differences in the process of Kaspersky ESD and the abbreviated process of Kaspersky CBA.

A Kaspersky CBA license has a fixed license price and can only be renewed at the reseller where the license was purchased. In addition, your customer will not receive notifications from Kaspersky with advantageous promotions to renew.

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