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Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway


Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway

Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway provides multi-layered gateway-level protection against the latest web-based Internet threats, infections and data breaches.

Blocks attacks before they reach their targets

Reduces the risk of human factors

Solution is scalable and grows with the business

Determine access to Internet resources


The Internet is essential to most of today's businesses. In addition to providing access to Internet resources for your employees, your corporate Internet gateway unfortunately also provides an entry point for cyber threats, putting endpoints at risk for attacks from sophisticated malware. It is therefore critical to provide your customers with multi-layered protection at the gateway level to reduce the risk of infections, data breaches and cyber threats.

Immune to cyber threats

Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway acts as an access point in web traffic between the business infrastructure and the outside world. This stops threats in time and keeps your customer's business IT network protected. With Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway, your customer is immune to cyber threats.

Multi-layered security

With the most powerful protective technologies, any threats present, such as malware, ransomware and potentially unwanted programs, in incoming and outgoing Internet traffic are identified, blocked and dismantled.

Kaspersky's security solution consists of multiple proactive security layers, some of which are based on machine learning, supported by powerful cloud-based mechanisms. Here, reputation, content filtering, anti-phishing and web management provide additional layers of security. Thus, this solution provides comprehensive protection for the entire infrastructure of your customer's business.

Manage web usage

Accessing dangerous websites, social media or transferring specific file types over the Internet increases the risk of cyber threats. Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway offers the ability to manage access to specific categories of web traffic. This significantly reduces business risks resulting from employee behavior.

Why Kaspersky for Internet Gateway?

Blocks attacks before they reach their targets

Block Internet threats at the Internet gateway level and prevent them from reaching the endpoint and causing business interruption when an attack occurs. Especially when implementing endpoint protection is impractical or not possible, optimized Internet gateway protection is essential.

Reduces the risk of human factors

Internet gateway security cannot be circumvented by social engineering. Thus, cybercriminals cannot abuse the human factor and penetrate via employee error.

Solution is scalable and flexible

Possibility of assigning and managing special areas separately or in combination. Also, Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway can be used alongside Internet gateway security systems from other vendors.

Granular Internet management

Determine which users have access to which Internet resources and applications, and when. Consider blocking certain file types and website categories and restricting access to web resources outside of work hours and breaks.

Less operational inconvenience

A massive endpoint-level attack causes a lot of work for an IT administrator, where Internet gateway security alerts are handled much faster and more efficiently, as they generally come from a single source. Therefore, it is recommended to have a security solution on a Internet gateway level.

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