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How do you offer your customer the right EDR solution?

How do you offer your customer the right EDR solution?

Monitoring an organisation's cyber security is no easy task. There is a lot to maintain, think users, devices, applications, alerts, vulnerabilities, patches and much more. Many IT administrators in SMEs simply do not have time to monitor their network 24 hours a day, even though, especially nowadays, this is extremely important. Almost two-thirds of global organisations have experienced an intrusion into their network at one time or another. In 56% of these breaches, it took months or more to discover something was wrong. The longer it takes for the breach to be addressed, the greater the damage and cost of recovery...

Without proper cybersecurity measures, cybercriminals can take advantage of all existing and new vulnerabilities to enter corporate infrastructure. Here, the endpoint is often the main entry point for cybercriminals. By deploying an EDR solution, you protect your customers from complicated malware attacks and gain insight into the root cause of the threat and how it has moved around the network.

In a white paper, we answer the following questions:

  • Why should your customer start using an EDR solution right now?
  • What is EDR, and what does MDR add to it?
  • How do you choose the right security solution for your client?
  • When do you recommend an MDR solution to your clients?
  • How can Kaspersky Optimum Security's Detection & Response solution help?

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