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6 vulnerabilities in Microsoft 365 data protection

6 vulnerabilities in Microsoft 365 data protection

Many companies depend on Microsoft 365 for business continuity. Every day, various Microsoft 365 applications are used to store, edit and share important business data. With reliable access to all applications, Microsoft ensures that a user can work anytime, anywhere. What is lacking, however, is a good backup solution, which protects and quickly restores data in the event of loss or damage, so that the company can continue to operate even after an attack or accident.


Microsoft 365 does nog offer sufficient data protection & recovery options

The misconception that many companies have is that Microsoft provides full data protection and long-term data retention for Microsoft 365 users. However, the reality is that emails, attachments and shared files stored in Microsoft 365 are not protected against the most common data loss problems: from accidental file deletion to an advanced malware attack.

Microsoft also only offers minimal options for recovering lost, deleted or corrupted Microsoft 365 data. 

In a white paper, we share six critical vulnerabilities within the Microsoft 365 data protection software and give you several options, packaged in one solution, to resolve these vulnerabilities and prevent data loss.



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