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DSD Europe to become a Microsoft ESD distributor

DSD Europe to become a Microsoft ESD distributor

Press release | 3 August 2016 | Schijndel

DSD Europe will be Europe's official distributor of Microsoft Office and Windows licences, having reached agreement on this with Microsoft in Ireland.

“It's great”, states Thijs van de Moosdijk, CEO and co-founder of DSD Europe, proudly. “A contract like this hasn't occurred in Western Europe in the last 15 years, but it fits in with Microsoft's strategy. They aren't choosing to work with powerful major players anymore, they are opting for smaller and quicker companies that have more focus in specific segments.”

“This deal would never have happened had our sales department not worked so closely with Microsoft Netherlands when we didn't have a distribution contract”, Van de Moosdijk continues. “That’s how Microsoft's management knew us and we entered into negotiations with them.”

Purely electronic

Distributor DSD Europe has never had a warehouse as they only work electronically. And the same applies to this collaboration. “All Office licences will be transmitted from Microsoft to the DSD platform via a direct link”, explains Van de Moosdijk. “Resellers can then order Microsoft licences from the platform and have them directly delivered to their platform. The platform also offers the opportunity to renew licences such as Office 365. The end consumer is informed about this on behalf of the reseller and this can recur every year. The integration of Microsoft into the DSD platform is still under way and we expect to make a start by 1 September. Existing customers won't notice this transition, except for the fact that there will no longer be a stock status since there will always be stock. An extra benefit for the reseller is that the last stock will be sold with an extra discount.”

Extra kickback fees

As DSD Europe is becoming Microsoft's ESD distributor, resellers can receive extra kickback fees. The famous CHIP programme will be completely supported by DSD. In the fourth quarter, DSD Europe is going to hold webinars for resellers who are not yet familiar with Microsoft to help them earn more money through selling the licences.

“Now that we are an official distributor, we can deliver to everyone. There are no obstacles anymore”, enthuses Van de Moosdijk. “DSD has Microsoft-supported technologies ready for retailers, sub-distributors and webshops."

About DSD Europe

DSD Europe offers concrete solutions to resellers of software and protects their position within the distribution channel. The company has branches in several countries and works with more than 5,000 partners. Since it was founded in 2009, the distributor has been very progressive – it was the first company to introduce the electronic distribution of software. Currently, the DSD Europe Platform is one of the most complete platforms for electronic software distribution.

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