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4 vulnerabilities in Microsoft 365 Integrated Threat Protection

4 vulnerabilities in Microsoft 365 Integrated Threat Protection

By using Microsoft 365, email and data have moved to the Cloud. A development that calls for a different, new approach to security to continue to protect users and data from the various threats posed by moving them to the Cloud. Microsoft already offers its users some security with built-in protection for Microsoft 365 called Integrated Threat Protection. However, this solution is nowhere near providing enough protection against the wide range of advanced threats that exist today.

Microsoft is an industry-leader with its communications, collaboration and productivity platform. However, this does not mean that you can fully rely on Microsoft’s services for the security, backup and archiving of Microsoft 365 data. Even though Microsoft 365 appears to be self-sufficient, as an IT specialist, you need to determine whether the Microsoft security functions meet your client’s security needs.

Download Whitepaper - 4 vulnerabilities in Office 365 Integrated Threat Protection

In this white paper, we share four vulnerabilities in Microsoft 365 Integrated Threat Protection, the built-in standard protection that is offered by Microsoft.



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